National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Australia




In 1946 the National Guildmaster of Danish Guilds and the Director  of Scouts International Bureau discussed an idea for linking former scouts and guides both within their own countries and on an international level and in 1953 18 countries joined together to form the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides, changed to ISGF in 1996

 Victoria applied to join the Fellowship in 1959 but was rejected as applications could be be considered from a national group only. Two years later Trefoil and Baden-Powell Guilds in all States combined to form the Australian Fellowship, inaugurated on 4th October 1961 and admitted to to the International Fellowship the same year. The Hellenic Former Scouts in N.S.W. joined with the Baden-Powell Guilds and the St George's Guilds in Australia  and were admitted to the Australian Fellowship in 1979.

 The International Fellowship has grown considerably since inception. Members meet at World Conferences each three years, giving time not only for business matters but for opportunities to visit new places and make new friends. Australia has been represented at all conferences since 1961 and hosted the first held outside Europe in Victoria in 1971. A World Committee administers the International Fellowship, members being appointed from countries' nominations. Australia has been well represented on the World Committee over the years.

In 1956 Fellowship Day  was adopted to be celebrated 24 October (United Nations Day) or 25 October (Foundation of the Fellowship). Each year members exchange messages for peace and understanding and recall their pledge to spread the spirit of peace, international co-operation and tolerance through the community at large.

An Asia/Pacific Region was suggested by Australia, with the first gathering held in SriLlanka that year, Australia hosting members in 1978 and 1994.


National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Australia, hereinafter called "The Fellowship"and formely Australian Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides is a representative body of adult Scouts and Guides, and member of the International Fellowship since 29 Ocotber 1961. It may also be known as ISGF Australia.


Baden-Powell Guild of Australia

Australian Trefoil Guild

St George's Guilds in Australia Inc.

Other representative organisations of adult Scouts and Guides (having the approval of Scouts Australia and  or Girl Guides Australia) as may be admitted to the Fellowship.


The Fellowship is administered by a National Joint Council (NJC) which is reconstituted every three years with chairmanship rotating between Baden-Powell and Trefoi Guilds. It consists of up to three representatives fo Baden-Powell Guild and up to three representatives of Australia Trefoil Guild. (St George's Guild to extend to other States and appreciably increase membership before being considered for representation on NJC)


Inaugurated by Constitution 4 October 1961; last ammended as NSGF 2011. Ammendments to Constitution may be made by two-third majority of the NJC provided written notice of proposed ammendments is given to each constitutent organisation at least three months in advance.  The amended constitution must be advised to Scout and Guide Associations and to International Scout and Guide Fellowship World Bureau.


NJC meetings are held at least quarterly or as requried. Three shall form a quorum provided that one is secretary or approved deputy and there is at least one representative each of Baden-Powell  and Trefoil Guilds. Descisions shall be determined by a majority of members present at the meeting. In the event of an eqality of votes or any motion, the motion shall be lost.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS; For the purpose of reviewing the years' activities and future prospects of the Fellowship an Annual General Meeting is held no later that 1st December after books are closed 31st August and audited.

Individual financial members of constituent organisatins are entitled to attend and invitations are sent 21 days in advance to all, including Scout and Guide personnel and community based organisations. Each constituent organsation shall be sent a copy of minutes together with audited financial statement. 



 The NJC will rotate every three years from the year 2011 in the following order-

              Victoria;  South Australia;  Western Australia;  Queensland;  NSW/ACT